Meet the Cool Kids of ‘New Art City’

Art | By. Matthew Grumbach | August 30, 2014

It appears in the news and looms in the streets. It’s something you gripe about with your friends and grieve on solemn taxi rides, but the purported death of the downtown New York City ethos is a fallacy the “New Art City” exhibition has finally put to rest.  The show was curated by Raat City, which is the kind of like the Emerald City of selfies and disaffected youth, ruled by it boy coupl... Read More >

Fresh New Way to Collect Art

Art | By. Matthew Grumbach | August 28, 2014

Prints, sculptures, photographs, paintings -- these are not the items you would typically find in a Community Supported Agriculture share, but a new program has mimicked the farming model, offering collectors locally-sourced bounties of art. Jill Allyn Peterson and Dianne Debicella founded the Brooklyn Community Supported Art + Design (CSA+D) and organized the first New York City art share season ... Read More >

Mint&Serf Celebrate New York’s Young and Restless

Art | By. Matthew Grumbach | August 23, 2014

Photo by Mike Krim New York City graffiti duo Mint and Serf have curated a new show at Tribeca’s No Romance Galleries featuring four photographers who cast a youthful glimmer over to the gritty pallor of the downtown scene. Location is everything for PJ Monte, Mike Krim, Osvaldo Chance Jimenez, and Harry McNally. They comprise a rising group of documentarians whose work conveys an acutely urban... Read More >

Turning New York Trash into Treasure

Art | By. Matthew Grumbach | August 18, 2014

Artwork by Kenan Juska On the radio, artist Kenan Juska is know for his omnivorous taste and an understated ability to seamlessly move between genres. Juska’s new solo exhibition “Daily Operations” at the arts incubator Pioneer Works shows a different side of the sonic interlocutor, who also happens to be a master of assemblage. From March 2005 to November 2008 he created a series of c... Read More >

Artists & Writers Celebrity Softball Game

Art | By. Cornelia Channing | August 14, 2014

Willem de Kooning at bat - Photo via Artists&Writers Softball Game This Saturday, August 16th, marks the 66th anniversary of one of East Hampton’s most cherished traditions, the annual Artist’s and Writer’s Celebrity Softball Game. Every year the community comes together to celebrate its wealth of artistic minds and to support the local organizations that the town relies on. This year ... Read More >

Artists Reveal the Dark Side of Desire at Luxembourg & Dayan

Art | By. Matthew Grumbach | August 13, 2014

Hans Bellmer La Poupée, 1949 Courtesy Miguel Abreu Gallery, New York Photo by Jeffrey Sturges. ©2014 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/ADAGP, Paris. Eight artists breathe life into Luis Buñuel’s surrealist oeuvre in a new exhibition inspired by the director’s final film, which opens at Luxembourg & Dayan gallery Thursday August 14th. That Obscure Object of Desire debuted in 1977... Read More >

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Get Arty in Aspen

Art | By. Matthew Grumbach | August 8, 2014

Courtesy of Billy Farrell/ With the completion of the new Aspen Art Museum building this summer, the city known for its luxury winter recreation is on track to become a year-round art hub. 2014 Pritzker Architecture Prize winner designed the new building, featuring a lattice-like façade. Last week Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang’s Black Lightning piece struck Aspen. It was an explosiv... Read More >

“Surf the classic way, from Amazon to Piratebay.” That’s the motto for the upcoming web surfing competition hosted by Rhizome at Rockaway Beach Surf Club on August 10th. The event will be the first hyperlink race to occur in New York City, inspired by the Trail Blazers live web surfing competitions overseas. Trail Blazers events began four years ago at Merz Academy in Stuttgart, Germany. Usi... Read More >

Kenny Scharf Goes to Town in Rockaway Beach

Art | By. BlackBook | August 5, 2014

Mural by Kenny Scharf.  Made possible by Topshop, curated by Beatrice Johnson for Clocktower Productions, and presented at Playland Motel. All summer long, Topshop is celebrating the beach and sun with a Summer Music Series held in the Rockaways. The retailer enlisted the help of artist Kenny Scharf to set the tone -- watch him in action (above) spray painting a beach mural featuring some of ... Read More >

A Guide to the Artistic Giants of The East End

Art | By. Cornelia Channing | August 5, 2014

​The view from Pollock and Krasner's house in East Hampton We all know of The Hamptons as a place to which Manhattanites escape the city heat in the summer months, but the natural beauty and isolation of Long Island's East End has also historically provided refuge to more than just the Wall Street set, playing home to a very different group of urban escapists. Throughout the twentieth centur... Read More >