Art On Hollywood Boulevard

Art | By. Susan Michals | April 22, 2014

Hollywood was always about the movie business and to be honest, it always will be synonymous with everything entertainment. For a lack of a better word -- and tonally on point for California -- there’s been a seismic shift on the art world Richter scale as to what the city has to offer from a fine art point of view. Artists are moving in droves to California from NYC, not being able to afford an... Read More >

Oscar Murillo in front of his work. Tuesday, April 22 New York's Milk Gallery hosts Dog Dance, a show featuring works by photographer Brad Elterman -- think a baby-faced Brooke Shields doing her best Gene Simmons impression, standing next to the KISS front man himself. Opening night reception from 7-10 p.m. RSVP here. The show runs through May 18. Thursday, April 24 Oscar Murillo, e... Read More >

Best Ever Happy 420 Easter GIFs

Absurd | By. Carlos Santolalla | April 20, 2014

Main image: ​Luke Gilford // In honor of the double holiday, we asked a few IRL friends and Internet artists to create celebratory GIFs. Enjoy the day...and the (visual) stimulation. John Tuite Jakes Brooks  Carlos Santolalla  ​ Jeanette Hayes  Liz Grandsaert  Brian Kokoska  Roberto Piqueras  Read More > $ale At THE LINE

Art | By. BlackBook | April 17, 2014

Looking to add to your collection? Starting today, THE LINE has partnered up with to host a sale (on both websites and at The Apartment, THE LINE’s brick and mortar home base) of artworks by Lauren Seiden, Sanda Iliescu, Jeffrey Hoone, Werner Bischof, Nicholas Alan Cope, Chip Hooper, Do Ho Suh, and Tony Scherman, and curated by The Line’s cofounders Vanessa Traina and Morgan Wendelbo... Read More >

Annie Baker, one of the most refreshing, smart, and unique new voices in writing has won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for The Flick. Premiering last year at Playwrights Horizons, Baker’s intimate movie theater-set character study and investigation into everyday human interaction showed the mark of a young writer whose fearlessness and dedication to her own sense of narrative and theatrical style was ... Read More >

Ai Weiwei photographed by Gao Yuan, 2012 Monday, April 14 Christo makes a rare public appearance at Neuehouse (we assume you're a member) in New York to speak about Over the River and The Mastaba, two projects of the artist. A tour of Neuehouse's art collection precedes the talk at 5:45 p.m. Tuesday, April 15 Jean Nouvel's Triptyques opens at Gagosian Gallery in London with a recepti... Read More >

Get Out Of My Wei!

Art | By. Adam Mrlik | April 11, 2014

Leave it to Brooklyn to create a support group for the repressed, the captive, the downtrodden. Maybe Brooklynites feel a kinship with repressed souls from being stuck underground for too long waiting on the G train. But really, all jokes aside, nearly one hundred passionate protestors gathered at New York’s Brooklyn Museum on Thursday night to show support for Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and ot... Read More >

He Must Have A Thing For “Bears”

Art | By. Adam Mrlik | April 11, 2014

The bear we're talking about cannot be found on Grindr. French artist Abraham Poincheval has taken it upon himself to live inside a bear for 13 days. The furry beast in question is a taxidermy one, and by living inside it, Poincheval hopes to “understand his own physical limits and experience animal nature”. Poincheval has wedged himself right into the cavity of the bear's stomach. His new ... Read More >

Buy A Banksy For 8 Bucks

Art | By. Adam Mrlik | April 11, 2014

Remember when Banksy was in New York and sold pieces of work for $60 each outside Central Park? Remember how pissed you were, realizing that would be the only time you would even come close to owning a piece from the famed graffiti artist? Dry those eyes. My Art Invest (a London art exchange) is letting collectors buy shares of a Banksy. How does it work? Exactly how it sounds, it’s basicall... Read More >

The Dallas Art Fair comes to town this week, and with it KNOW-WAVE, a radio station and store that will be broadcasting from a Rafael de Cárdenas-designed pop-up location near the Joule Hotel. If you're not in Texas, you can tune in here, and keep informed of what's going on by following them on Twitter at @KnoWave; those in Dallas will hear the broadcast in the fair's V.I.P. Room. I chatted w... Read More >