A picturesque English village is not the sort of place you’d expect to come across a pair of grunge savants with a band name that recalls The Toxic Avenger. While gritty cities may have been the locus of agressive rock sounds in decades past, that’s no longer the case and brothers Eoin and Rory Loveless of the band Drenge prove why. In the absence of a local music scene, or a bevy of rock enth... Read More >

BlackBook Exclusive: Lia Mice’s “Memory Maps”

Music | By. Abbey Bender | July 24, 2014

Photo by Levi Mandel Blending a dash of sweet 1960s pop flare to a helping of modern technology, experimental pop artist Lia Mice’s new song “Memory Maps” is a perfect new summer track for shoulder-shaking your troubles away. Recorded in France, the influence of yé-yé pop and classic music from French films can be heard, as she created the song by using a number of 60s techniques (no loo... Read More >

Captain Capa – Arsenic German electronic group Captain Capa use heavy emo influences from bands like Jimmy Eat World to add some teenage angst to standard synths. If you’re lucky enough to attend the Warped Tour, you can catch them rocking out on the EDM stage. Flume Ft. Kanye West – Insane (White Panda) Flume’s recent collaborations with the industry’s hottest acts (fir... Read More >

THURSDAY, JULY 24. If you've been looking for summer romance but found yourself wildly disappointed by the quality of your prospects, then the Scottish indie rock duo Honeyblood has just the song for you in "Super Rat." The perfect ode to disgusting dudes is a standout track from their self-titled debut album, just released on FatCat Records. They'll be opening for their countrymen Teenage ... Read More >

The Cute Kids of the Pitchfork Festival

Fashion | By. Abbey Bender | July 23, 2014

All Photos by Marcel Pawlas Chicago's Pitchfork Music Festival took place this past weekend, with performances from Beck, Neutral Milk Hotel, St. Vincent, Grimes, Giorgio Moroder, Kendrick Lamar, and many others. Pitchfork is a huge draw for musicians, and as it turns out, stylish kids, too. There were over 50,000 attendees, and about a million cute outfits. Here's a sampling of the well-dres... Read More >

Jessy Lanza photographed by Timothy Saccenti The groundbreaking London record label Hyperdub is going all out for its anniversary year, releasing a series of five themed compilations of their genre-bending catalog. The first compilation hit stores May 20th and showcased the label’s array of dance floor hits, like “Let It Go” from the late Footwork master DJ Rashad. Hyperdub 10.2 explore... Read More >

Time moves a little more slowly in the latest video from Sean Flinn & the Royal We. In the Tucker Wysong-directed clip for "The Lost Weekend," a carefree camping trip takes a turn for the sinister when the night falls. While Flinn delivers a performance that's as darkly charming as the song, his friends get up to no good–until evil comes after them. "In the end only Tucker and Sean retur... Read More >

Materia, the forthcoming EP from Florida-based Millionyoung, will be released on July 29th via Old Flame Records as a follow up to 2013's Variable. Frontman Mike Diaz (credited as an innovator of chillwave) and collaborator Kristof Ryan pair dreamy, laid-back electronica with hypnotic vocals to achieve a hazy, trance-enducing vibe. Perfect for summer, Materia's smooth, glossy beats and catchy... Read More >

Bradley Soileau meets me at my place. His phone isn't really working so around the email-specified arrival time, I wait outside my apartment, feeling like a fan boy (but honestly I just want to make sure he finds the address!) Eventually I notice a far-off tall figure walking toward me wearing a sick hat with a sicker vintage Metallica shirt. He’s evidently late because two fans wanted to take ... Read More >

Photo via BEAÛ's Facebook. With a silky-smooth sound and passionate confidence that’s as mellow as it is melodic, New York natives BEAÛ have given you another perfect summer track. Apropos of hazy afternoons spent wandering down city streets and gazing off rooftops, the new single “Karma” premiered over at  Kitsuné on America 3 earlier this month. Consisting of Heather Boo and Emma J... Read More >