Jamie Hatchett Talks Harbor, Montauk

Goodnight Mr. Lewis | By. Steve Lewis | August 29, 2014

As the summer winds down, I’ll head off to Montauk to DJ this Sunday at the Harbor Raw Bar and Lounge (440 West Lake Drive), with Uncle Mike, Adam Lipson, Jamo Willo and some special guests. The shindig is billed as a Labor Day Pop Up for the Ultimate Sindustry Sunday. Hosts are No. 8 big wigs Amy Sacco and Bobbi Rossi and the debonair Jamie Hatchett. Wild horses couldn't drag me out east usuall... Read More >

The city will become a ghost town this weekend as people flee elsewhere looking to grasp a last gasp of summer. Even I will head East for a DJ gig in Montauk. However, if you stay in town, there are a couple of great things to do.  Top of my list would be the Paradise Garage 22nd Annual Reunion. Of course the Garage was all about the deity that was Larry Levan, and of course his disciples. A rec... Read More >

Michael Alig Four Months After Release

Goodnight Mr. Lewis | By. Steve Lewis | August 27, 2014

Alig getting make-up done by Nicky Ottav for a photo shoot by Zack Zannini by Corona As of next week, it will be months since Michael Alig was released from prison. The sky hasn't fallen, the earth is still revolving, and New York nightlife hasn't been impacted at all. The haters still hate, while the rest accept the release. Most don't notice at all. He meets with his government supervisors... Read More >

Photos by Stefanie Keenan We wrote last week about the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas' secret two-day pop-up hotel happening at an undisclosed Hollywood location. And after 48 hours of swanky partying and events the last two days and nights (which several lucky BlackBook readers got to attend), we can now reveal images of what we must say, was an exceedingly stylish and glamorous space.  ... Read More >

Sexy French Singer Owlle Alights In New York

Music | By. Ken Scrudato | August 22, 2014

Perhaps it’s a European thing, all those somber songbirds with a penchant for dressing up their mournful meditations with alluring hooks and slinky grooves. Sweden gave us Lykke Li, England gifted us with Bat For Lashes…and from France comes another ornithologically monikered goddess of song, the strikingly flame-haired Owlle. She took Europa by storm with the sedutive but melancholic ... Read More >

Last Saturday, I demanded you attend the 24th Annual GMHC Latex Ball. Some of you did and the amazed look faces warmed my heart. Performers spent months preparing, practicing, primping, prancing and praying for a prize that would bring them ballroom glory. It was grander than grand. If a picture is worth a thousand words then I don't need to write very much this morning.  Photographer Lela Edga... Read More >

Sutra Lounge will close after a 10 year run. It was a really great spot and its loss is like losing the restaurant Kiev or Holiday Bar, Mars Bar, 7A or a myriad of other places that gave the East Village its character. Owner Ariel Palitz is one of those one-man-band kind of operators. She was here, there and everywhere, pouring blood sweat and tears into this venerable institution. It worked. Agai... Read More >

Whilst flitting about the City of Light in the autumn of 2007, we caught whispers of what was purported to be a genuine cocktail bar, furtively tucked away in the not particularly trendy 2nd arrondissement. Bewildered, we set out to see if it was true. And indeed, behind a discreet door along the Rue Saint-Saveur, we found ourselves in an intimate but somewhat baroquely adorned space—with not t... Read More >

Barnstorming, an event where more than the usual number of bands play less than the usual length set, comes to the Bowery Ballroom (6 Delancey Street) this Thursday August 21st starting at 7pm. My pal Tommy London invited me and I'm all revved up and ready to go. It is Rock and Roll NYC style as KILLCODE, The Dirty Pearls, Mother, Ten Ton Mojo, The Threads, the Liza Colby Sound and J and the 9s w... Read More >

Coby Koehl, whom Boy George once described as a male Amy Winehouse, will perform at Stonewall (63 Christopher Street) this Wednesday at 9pm. Nightlife veteran Christine Jennings will host. He is boosting his new single “Vogue Is My Religion.” I'm looking forward to catching Vanessa Daou from The Daou perform at the Sidewalk Cafe (94 Avenue A) this Wednesday at 9:30pm if I can be in two places ... Read More >