Aussie Electro Pop Sensation White Prism Does Ace Hotel Residency

WhitePrism image 1
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White Prism, née Johanna Cranitch, is an Aussie by birth, but her angular electro pop stylings and angular look seem to owe something to the post-Millennial Euro scenes that produced the likes of Ladytron and Miss Kittin. She started her journey with the support of her jazz pianist grandfather back in the homeland, but she now calls BKNY her home—having already done time as an engineer for Nola Recording Studios, as well as having toured with The Cranberries.

Now crystalized as White Prism, her recently released and cleverly titled debut album Open Heart Job lures with exceedingly infectious synth confections like “Shake You Off”, “Hungry Heart” and “Patience” (with its distinct echoes of Madonna’s “Into The Groove”).

This month, she’s bringing her delicious dreamscapes and celestial cadences to NYC’s Ace Hotel, with a regular Sunday residency throughout April.

It’s Tartan Week! A Scottish Guide to the Best Whisky Cocktails

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The Scots will always be welcomed in NYC – because let’s face it, how could we not love a people whose gents can rock a skirt while drinking us all under the bloody table?

So, as 2015’s Tartan Week once again sees the our Scottish friends throwing parties all over town (The New York Tartan Day Parade is Saturday, the 11th, this year lorded over by Hobbit / Outlander star Graham McTavish), we asked the guid lads at the West Village’s hip Highlands gastropub to enlighten us as to what should be swirling around in our glasses during the festivities.

Slàinte mhath!

Highlands gastropub image 2

Scotch Old Fashioned  (pictured above)  AnCnoc 12 yr Scotch, Sugar, Angostura & Orange Bitters, Orange Twist

Mary Queen of Scots   Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or, Leblon Reserva, Lillet Blanc, Rosemary Bitters

Mamie Taylor   Great King Street Whisky, Artist’s Blend Pickett’s Ginger Beer, Fresh Lime Juice

The Catholic Guilt  (pictured below)  Black Grouse Blended, Ginger, Lemon, Fig & Orange Bitters, Fernet Branca Float

The Highland Smash   Dewar’s Highlander Honey, Brown Sugar, Crushed Mint, Lemon, Soda


The Top 5 Corsican Wines For Spring

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You could do worse than to be a vintner in Corsica. (Like being one in Uzbekistan.) The French collectivité territoriale – meaning they don’t take all their orders from the Élysée Palace – is a resplendent island in the Mediterranean, vaguely equidistant from Provence and Tuscany.

Yet its wines have lurked in the shadows if its famously epicurean neighbors, especially in the US market. But this week, from April 8 – 10, “Being” By Wines Of Corsica, will showcase the island’s best oenophilic offerings in a most artful setting.

Taking place at the Openhouse Mulberry Gallery in New York’s Soho, the event will feature representatives from top Corsican producers, along with wine tastings and daily seminars. The space was specially designed by Mexican painter Gabriela Bravo Clavello and Beatrice Inn Wine Director Aaron Zeebrook – both of whom spent ten days on the island during harvest season.

For those unable to attend, we asked La Nuit En Rosé founder Pierrick Bouquet to offer his top Corsican wine picks for spring tippling.

Clos Venturi Rosé 2014

A fruity and crisp Rosé made with 100% Sciaccarellu grapes and has a smooth body and is pale red in color.

Clos Culombu Rosé 2014

An elegant dry pink wine with fruity notes made with 50% Niellucciu, 30% Sciacarellu and 20% Grenache and pairs perfectly with fish.

Domaine Vico White 2014

A rich and refreshing full-bodied Mediterranean white wine with strong floral aromas and made with 100% Vermentinu grapes.

Domaine Maestracci E Prove Red 2012

A full-bodied French red wine with a deep black cherry color and has hints of spices, liquorice and red fruits. It pairs well with meat and is made from Nielluccio, Sciaccarello, Grencache and Syrah Grapes.

Domaine de Torraccia Reserve Oriu Rouge 2011

A dense, fruity and elegant red wine with an opaque red color, made from 80% Niellucciu grapes and 20% Sciaccarellu grapes.



Photos by Aaron Zeebrook

Skip the Porta Potties and Listen to These Coachella Playlists at Home

Interpol image for Coachella
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Above image: Interpol

What started as a little alternative music festival in Indio, CA in 1999, has now arguably become the annual music event, cutting across a myriad of genres (with apologies to classical music fans). Coachella is now as much a marker of the current sonic zeitgeist as it is a chance to shake your groove thing in the SoCal sunshine.

Tame Impala image Press Shot Kev- Credit- Matt Sav

Tame Impala image by Matt Sav

This year’s edition galvanizes a mind-bending multitude of talent, including BlackBook faves like Azealia Banks, Jack White, Interpol, fka Twigs, Tame Impala, Lykke Li, St Vincent and Raekwon & Ghostface Killa. To celebrate, we’ve teamed up with those masterful playlist impresarios at Songza to bring you this awesome Coachella-inspired music compilation. Tune in, turn on.


THE DJs, listen HERE.



A Chat With The Roots’ Tariq About Roots Picnic 2015

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With the Lollapaloozas, Electric Daisy Carnivals and the like having become overrun with musical tourists, alternative festivals have taken on an even greater exigency. And now in its eighth year, the Roots Picnic is perhaps one of the most ideologically driven music gatherings on the annual calendar. Far from being some corporately composed cheese-fest, it is instead meant to be a celebration of the distinctly eclectic ethos The Roots have always cultivated around them. Perhaps even more so, it is a celebratory tribute to the unwaveringly vibrant music scene in their hometown of Philadelphia—where the Picnic will once again take place this May 30.

2015 brings together such divergent acts as The Weeknd, Phantogram, A$AP Rocky, DJ Windows 98 (actually Win Butler of Arcade Fire), Hudson Mohawke, Afrika Bambaataa, and Erykah Badu (who will be backed by The Roots)…and, naturally, The Roots. 

Following the announcement of the 2015 lineup, we caught up for a chat with The Roots’ Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter about the whys and whats of next month’s big Picnic.

RootsPicnic image 3

What makes it particularly special about doing the Roots Picnic in Philly?

This is our foundation, all of our early artistic influences started in this city. We wanted to make sure we gave back to the city that gave us so much.

Philly music fans in general seem to be as fanatical as they come. What do the hometown fans mean to The Roots?

Philly fans are known for being hyper-critical. It’s widely known that if you can rock a Philly crowd, you have done something special. It’s always great to play at home.

What is the “mission” of the event? Is there a musical philosophy that drives the creation of the lineup?

The philosophy was really to build a multi-genre bill of acts that The Roots as a collective enjoy and are fans of. There is a brain trust that determines the talent list; and we feel we do a pretty good job of curating a list of great acts that normally wouldn’t be playing at the same event.

What first time acts are you especially looking forward to this year?

All of them….really. When we build this list, most of the acts I already know. But some of the names that my manager might come up with I am just discovering; and that is what really excites me about the Picnic. Each year, I personally see or hear an act perform that I was never aware of in the past.

RootsPicnic image 2


Hot New Hotel Amenity: Putt Putt Golf!

Hudson Putt Putt Gold image 1
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Crocheting, cupcakes, mac ‘n’ cheese, popsicles…it seemed as if every last shred of our childhoods had already been pillaged into a burning hipsteriffic trend. But NYC’s Hudson Hotel apparently dug a little deeper into those old family photo albums (Ed. historical note: that’s how people saved pictures before Instagram), and out popped what is sure to be the next great pop-up sensation: fashionable miniature golf.

Indeed, from April 3rd through the 30th, (2pm to 10pm daily) the Hudson’s always buzzy Private Park outdoor space will host the most stylish Putt Putt Park your nine-year-old self could never have possibly even imagined. It’s all there, from the windmill to those annoying loopy things that always used to trip up your game. Best of all? Booze. Knock back a couple of Damn Gopher cocktails (tequila, grapefruit, lime) and visit untold ruin upon your handicap. (Console yourself with a moon pie frozen custard sundae.)

It’s meant to coincide with the Masters Golf Tournament. But honestly, do you really care? You’re actually here to settle the score for all those mini-golf games you lost as an awkward adolescent. And, well, to get sloshed while doing it.

Hudson Putt Putt Golf image 3


Celebs Come Out For Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2004 Bash

Dom Pérignon hosts Kingdom - Rosé Cabaret Party Launching Dom Pérignon Rosé 2004
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Many of the boldest-faced names in art, fashion and society came out Friday evening to literally toast the unveiling of Dom Perignon Rosé Vintage 2004. Indeed, the fabled champagne house gathered the likes of Timo Weiland, Cyril Duval, Amanda Lepore, Vikram Chatwal, Pippa Cohen, Sean MacPherson and Ivy Supersonic at the Walter de Maria Studio space for a truly multi-sensory experience.

Nightlife goddess Susanne Bartsch produced and directed the madcap theatrical ensemble Rosé Cabaret, while Johnny Dynell took to the decks. The late artist de Maria’s historic home was transformed into a Dom Pérignon “Kingdom”, where a week-long series of related experiences will take place.

Dom Pérignon hosts Kingdom - Rosé Cabaret Party Launching Dom Pérignon Rosé 2004

Dom Pérignon hosts Kingdom - Rosé Cabaret Party Launching Dom Pérignon Rosé 2004

Dom Pérignon hosts Kingdom - Rosé Cabaret Party Launching Dom Pérignon Rosé 2004