Ralph Lauren Wants To Make You A Latte

Restaurants | By. Ken Scrudato | September 10, 2014

If you’re living the RL lifestyle, surely you’ve been spending inordinate amounts of time checking on the thoroughbreds before settling into 12-year-old cognacs by the pre-war hearth. But Ralph has also apparently become sensitive to the reality that you would never be caught dead waiting in line at some or other soulless corporate bean purveyor. So the chap (we just know you got that pun... Read More >

W Chicago Lakeshore Unveils Swish New Look

Hotels | By. Ken Scrudato | September 8, 2014

When W debuted in 1998, it yanked the designer hotel business out of its indie cocoon and dropped it onto the NY Stock Exchange. Independent, design obsessed boutique hotels had already been popping up from Munich to Miami to Milan—but now it would be big business. Sixteen years later, there are dozens of W hotels scattered throughout the US, Europe and Asia. And, as happens, when held up to ... Read More >

All the Other Kids with the Pumped Up Rents

BlackBook | By. Taylor Ghrist | September 2, 2014

IMAGINE YOU'RE AT A BIRTHDAY PARTY IN THE LES and approximately six negronis deep. Beforehand, you may have also had maybe like three hits of the joint left back home as you were getting dressed and listening to Robbie Williams. Someone mentions Greenpoint, Brooklyn and you suddenly perk your ears out of sheer curiosity wondering what new restaurants manifest the area. Let's face the music. Brook... Read More >

Whilst flitting about the City of Light in the autumn of 2007, we caught whispers of what was purported to be a genuine cocktail bar, furtively tucked away in the not particularly trendy 2nd arrondissement. Bewildered, we set out to see if it was true. And indeed, behind a discreet door along the Rue Saint-Saveur, we found ourselves in an intimate but somewhat baroquely adorned space—with not t... Read More >

Talking Wine With Antica Terra’s Maggie Harrison

Epicurean | By. Ken Scrudato | August 15, 2014

California has long dominated the American winescape—but it’s the new generation producers from New York State and Oregon that now seem to be getting the epicurean media all hot and bothered. Willamette Valley’s Antica Terra is a particular case. Despite its Latin moniker translating as “old earth”, the very first vines were planted at Antica Terra as recently as 1989. But it was the arr... Read More >

How to Drink Red Wine This Summer

Nightlife | By. Ken Scrudato | August 7, 2014

We know who you are. You are the sick and the tired of being served insufferably precious Mason Jar cocktails by some ostensible reject from a Civil War reenactment troupe (who is, in fact, a reject from NYU Film School). And you are the equally tired of being told that some amber-ish liquid brewed by a guy named Zack up in the Catskills is the next great craft beer sensation. Pish-posh, you sa... Read More >

Poor Morrissey. Surely he dreamed we’d all be herbivorous irreversus by now. But tragically for the Moz, in 2014, meat is “moder” (than ever). Still, burgers are so passé, and beardy butchers déclassé. So as the trendometer plunges further below the class-divide line, what could be more hip than an upscaling of that old truckstop staple, beef jerky? Behold: Biltong. But, um, please ... Read More >

Let’s face it: despite playing host to the legend, Odeon, that veritably birthed modern restaurant cool in 1980, Tribeca will never be mistaken for the 1920s Weimar Republic. There was a curious post-Millennial blip, when Tommy Saleh turned the Tribeca Grand into the molten core of the downtown music scene (Martina Topley-Bird performances, DJ gigs by Client, Gang of Four after show parties).... Read More >

Last week, Crumbs officially closed all of its stores, and stopped selling their giant, face-sized cupcakes online and in grocery stores. We mourned the loss of the desserts that went hand-in-hand with the Google search: Can you die from sugar poisoning (not diabetes)? But good news for all you who don't want to have to eat a normal sized cupcake. Marcus Lemonis, star of the reality show The... Read More >

R.I.P. Cupcakes: Crumbs Closes Its Doors

News | By. Ken Scrudato | July 9, 2014

Image By Evan-Amos  Cupcakes. They seem harmless enough. But, as the word has come down that the trendy Crumbs Bake Shops would be shutting their doors, it’s perhaps necessary to assess what it all meant culturally. Not all that long ago, New York City showered no small amount of its worship on debauched, gender-defying club kids dressed like pirates and angels, who were otherwise the ta... Read More >