It’s 11:35, Do You Know Where Stephen Colbert Is?

TV | By. Harmon Leon | April 11, 2014

The Colbert Report is going to be no more—and it’s not because of the Twitter fury over out-of-context tweets from the ‘Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever,’ either. Mr. Stephen Colbert will be taking over The Late Show  when David Letterman retires next year. Unfortunately, the Comedy Central star will drop the satirical flag-waving and faux conserv... Read More >

Top 5 Reasons Drake Sucks—According to Drake

TV | By. BlackBook | April 11, 2014

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, much loved and much hated rapper Drake donned a dorky white face disguise—complete with hipster beard and thick frame glasses—and hit the streets to find out why exactly he sucks. What we learned: 01. Most likely didn’t really “come from the bottom.” 02. It’s “baloney” that he didn’t acknowledge white athletes at the ESPYs. 03. He’s a ... Read More >

Letterman x Lynch: Two Daves Talk ‘Twin Peaks’ in 1991

TV | By. Hillary Weston | April 11, 2014

When I look back on some of my favorite David Letterman guests—Harmony Korine, the many appearances of Teri Garr, etc.—the February 1991 episode with David Lynch always springs to mind. Airing amidst Twin Peaks’ turbulent ratings, Lynch came on the show to discuss the current season of his “cherry pie laced in barbed wire” television series and the troubles it was facing. Naturally, Lett... Read More >

Would You Have Sex With Paul Rudd for a Dollar?

TV | By. BlackBook | April 8, 2014

The always screaming and always hilarious Billy Eichner of Billy on the Street, has again taken his hard-hitting questions to the people of New York. And this time, he’s joined by the delightful face of Paul Rudd as the two scamper about asking innocent pedestrians if they’d have sex with Rudd for a dollar. Men, women, married, single, most everyone  expressed a resounding, “Duh!” See ... Read More >

Last week we sat down with director Jonathan Glazer to talk his new Scarlett Johansson-led science fiction wonder Under the Skin. But aside from his previous films Birth and Sexy Beast, the British filmmaker has made a name for himself as one of the most audacious directors in the realm of music videos and TV commercials. And as one of his best bizarre collaborations, in 2010, Glazer teamed up ... Read More >

So Robin Redbreasts are everywhere and the flowers are popping their colorful heads through the stubborn gray. Mister Softie Trucks are out and their songs are not yet annoying. People are flirting and cooing just like the pigeons. Spring wardrobes are forced, even when the night turns chilly. The snowbirds are returning. Nightlife guru Terry Casey has left the warmth of Miami to begin his warm we... Read More >

Close Watch: ‘Looking’ Season Finale

TV | By. John Oursler | March 10, 2014

Looking has wrecked me. Like writer/director/producer Andrew Haigh’s devastating relationship drama Weekend, it believably captures the complexities, joys, and difficulties specific to being a young gay man right now, and miraculously situated them within universal realities such as living and loving. The season finale builds upon the relationship mishaps magnified in last week’s episode by... Read More >

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN BLACKBOOK'S SPRING,  2010 ISSUE. As Walter White on AMC’s Breaking Bad, actor Bryan Cranston transformed from the hapless dad in Malcolm in the Middle to a desperate man who cooks up an elaborate plan—along with plenty of meth—to provide for his family. Here, the two-time Emmy winner boils his life and loves down to an essential soundtrack. This list is much mo... Read More >

Close Watch: ‘Looking’ Episode 7

TV | By. John Oursler | March 3, 2014

The penultimate episode of Looking’s first season is uncomfortable and heartbreaking in every way that it should be, as it circles back to each of the character’s major flaws while at the same time attempting to rectify them slowly.  At this point, Patrick, Dom, and Agustín are on parallel paths of self-destruction made marginally navigable by willpower. They’re each circumspect with regar... Read More >

Close Watch: ‘Looking’ Episode 6

TV | By. John Oursler | February 24, 2014

The realist approach Haigh and co. have taken with Looking is finally paying off in the sixth episode—the certainly, the best  yet. It’s taken some time for the characters to feel habitable, even though the idea is that they’re real people that we could really know. “Why should I care about these people?” is one comment I’ve heard fairly often. This characterization technique necessit... Read More >