Kris Jenner Has Written a Kardashian Kookbook

TV | By. Zoe Dubno | July 21, 2014

Image courtesy of Amazon The Kardashian Klan has taken over our kable, our klosets, and now they're making moves on our kitchens. Kris Jenner is releasing her cookbook on October 18th, and it's sort of ambiguous as to what the first lady of reality TV will be teaching us to cook. You can preorder it on Amazon now, but in the interim I have a few ideas as to what classic Kardashian meals Jenner ... Read More >

Meet the Hotwives of Orlando

TV | By. Malik Winslow + Mathias Rosenzweig | July 17, 2014

As a gay, interracial couple, we’ve seen our fair share of housewives, ex-wives, prison wives, sports wives, non-wives, and the like on reality television. When we heard Hulu was making an addition to the holy canon of wife shows, we nearly dropped our wine glasses in excitement and anticipation for last night’s premiere. The first episode gave us all the finger-pointing, bad wigs, and drunken... Read More >

Look at this "charming 1930s home" in Everett, Washington. Does it seem familiar at all? If you've watched the pilot of Twin Peaks, or its prequel film, Fire Walk With Me, it should. Though the listing doesn't mention it (perhaps to avoid scaring off potential buyers), this was the Palmer family's house. Anyone who has  seen the show knows how many highly disturbing scenes took place here. Th... Read More >

Playing The Character Versus Playing Yourself #Rectify

TV | By. Randall Bennington | June 26, 2014

With the second season of Rectify kicking off, it’s a good time to turn to the cast and find out their take on aspects of the show. To that end, we asked Aden Young, Clayne Crawford, and Abigail Spencer a loaded question: who in the cast is most like their character? Aden takes his time to weigh all of his options, but right off the bat: Not Me! Neither are Adelaide Clemens nor Clayne Cr... Read More >

Nathan For You is Coming Back, You Should Watch It

TV | By. Zoe Dubno | June 26, 2014

Image via Comedy Central Nathan for You is the creation of Nathan Fielder, who you may recognize from "Dumb Starbucks" his full-service Starbucks franchise in Los Angeles that puts the word "Dumb" in front of every menu item. Or from his fake viral video of a pig saving a baby goat. Or from his Instagram selfie series wherein he stealthily includes images of porn through reflections on CDs, ute... Read More >

There's no more time-honored way to celebrate summer than roller skating around in a skimpy outfit. With that in mind, let us now turn to a veritable fount of inspiration of the most cheesecakey, wonderfully kitschy (but secretly deserving of academic analysis) kind: Playboy's Roller Disco & Pajama Party, available to watch in full (complete with original commercials!) on YouTube. That's right... Read More >

Get Excited for ‘Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery’

Film | By. Hillary Weston | June 25, 2014

In this August 1992 article in the German film magazine CINEMA, David Lynch explained that Twin Peaks was not simply a place, but “a condition.” He went on to note that: ...The whole Twin Peaks series wouldn't have been possible without the trust in the power of subconsciousness. I show in my movies thoughts and situations that preoccupy my mind. And I'm mainly interested in the dark side of ... Read More >

After a cliffhanger that left us gasping, Rectify, one of our favorite shows on television, is finally back. Get excited and tune in to SundanceTV on June 19th at 9/8c for the highly anticipated second season. Season 2 continues to follow the journey of Daniel Holden, a man whose murder conviction is vacated upon a technicality, landing him back in the small southern town he came from after 19 ye... Read More >

The Top 5 Moments from Rectify Season One

Sponsored | By. Randall Bennington | June 18, 2014

Rectify, one of our favorite new shows on television, is back on SundanceTV for a second season full of heart-wrenching and intense moments. As the story of a man whose murder conviction is vacated upon a technicality, he lands back in the small southern town he came from after 19 years on death row. The next chapter in the story will feature another season of great performances from actors we lov... Read More >

*SPOILER ALERT: do not read if you have not seen the  second season in its entirety. This weekend, the weather was gorgeous. People with bad priorities went to the beach, hosted rooftop barbecues, and played frisbee in the park. I sat indoors eating wasabi seaweed and a family-sized bag of Baked Lays as I watched 13 hours of television in my apartment with the shades drawn. The past year was s... Read More >