OUTSTANDING DRAMA SERIES Breaking Bad No surprises here. It’s the fifth time Breaking Bad has been nominated for Best Drama Series and the second time it’s won, making this year a repeat victory. OUTSTANDING ACTOR IN A DRAMA SERIES Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad Cranston racks up a fourth Emmy for his dynamic and powerful playing of Walter White. Cranston, always charming, said last night d... Read More >

Tonight marks the 66th annual primetime Emmys, and as usual the award show will be a grab bag of love and hate, dishing out awards to those who have provided you with a year’s stock of binge-worthy television. Seth Meyers will host as we wait in anticipation for Breaking Bad and Louie to sweep the show, knowing full well that Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory will probably just rack up anoth... Read More >

It’s been months and we’re all clearly still mourning the season finale of Breaking Bad. But to ease our sorrows, the first promo for Better Call Saul, the AMC spinoff show following the good-hearted but dangerously shady, lawyer Saul Goodman. Set in the far past of 2002, the show will precede Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, as we follow the rise of Goodman’s immoral practice and his side g... Read More >

Last night, Michael Fassbender stopped by The Colbert Report in support of his new film Frank, from director Lenny Abrahamson. As the titular character, Fassbender plays a loving yet unstable lead singer of Soronprfbs, whose head is covered in a papier-mâché mask at all times—even when showering. The songs featured in the film were all performed by its wonderful cast, which also includes Scoo... Read More >

Actor, director, write, recovered sex addict, and man of many talents David Duchovny has been charming audiences for decades now. But for all his work in film and television, it’s his role as FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder on The X-Files that has garnered the most fanfare over the years. With his photographic memory and obsessive inquiries into extraterrestrial life, the red/green colorblind Mulde... Read More >

For the Love of Chris Pratt: An Ode to Andy Dwyer

TV | By. BlackBook | August 1, 2014

It’s really impossible not to love Chris Pratt. From his tousled-blonde boyish days on Everwood to his hunky transformation into Hollywood action star, it’s his endearing charm and knack for comedy that have been winning over hearts for years. Yet it wasn’t until his role as the fumbling rockstar / shoe shiner / Pawnee government employee Andy Dwyer on Parks and Rec that  really made the ... Read More >

Kris Jenner Has Written a Kardashian Kookbook

TV | By. Zoe Dubno | July 21, 2014

Image courtesy of Amazon The Kardashian Klan has taken over our kable, our klosets, and now they're making moves on our kitchens. Kris Jenner is releasing her cookbook on October 18th, and it's sort of ambiguous as to what the first lady of reality TV will be teaching us to cook. You can preorder it on Amazon now, but in the interim I have a few ideas as to what classic Kardashian meals Jenner ... Read More >

Meet the Hotwives of Orlando

TV | By. Malik Winslow + Mathias Rosenzweig | July 17, 2014

As a gay, interracial couple, we’ve seen our fair share of housewives, ex-wives, prison wives, sports wives, non-wives, and the like on reality television. When we heard Hulu was making an addition to the holy canon of wife shows, we nearly dropped our wine glasses in excitement and anticipation for last night’s premiere. The first episode gave us all the finger-pointing, bad wigs, and drunken... Read More >

Look at this "charming 1930s home" in Everett, Washington. Does it seem familiar at all? If you've watched the pilot of Twin Peaks, or its prequel film, Fire Walk With Me, it should. Though the listing doesn't mention it (perhaps to avoid scaring off potential buyers), this was the Palmer family's house. Anyone who has  seen the show knows how many highly disturbing scenes took place here. Th... Read More >

Playing The Character Versus Playing Yourself #Rectify

TV | By. Randall Bennington | June 26, 2014

With the second season of Rectify kicking off, it’s a good time to turn to the cast and find out their take on aspects of the show. To that end, we asked Aden Young, Clayne Crawford, and Abigail Spencer a loaded question: who in the cast is most like their character? Aden takes his time to weigh all of his options, but right off the bat: Not Me! Neither are Adelaide Clemens nor Clayne Cr... Read More >